Where does the time go?

Well we are reaching the end of week 9 – which seems hard to believe doesn’t it? In some ways it feels as if lockdown has been here forever but also feels like time is flying by.

Ive so enjoyed the Huddle conversation during the last week – with more responses added today it almost feels like we are back in the room at Worsley Court House! Oh how i miss our project implementation meetings.

We sent out our 3rd GMPTT project newsletter last week – a copy is attached here if you haven’t seen it. Thank-you so much for all the messages of appreciation and thanks for the newsletters and we will keep going until we can all meet up again.


Like many of the project leads, I’ve been doing very different things since lockdown and whilst still working on the GMPTT report and future proposals, I’m also sewing scrubs. I’m a governor for Grosvenor Nursery School in Bolton and have joined the recently set up Bolton Schools Community Scrub Hub. It’s so good to be able to contribute practically and use my sewing skills – which I’m pleased to say have come back to me quickly 🙂

Yesterday the scrub hub posted a photograph of a member of staff from Bolton Hospital wearing her new scrubs and saying Thankyou – and it was such a great motivator to keep on making more of them. It reminded me how a few moments to take time to show appreciation to someone is so important and can make such a difference.

So a huge Thankyou to all of you from the GMPTT project team – you are all amazing and doing a brilliant job of keeping Early Years and SLC services for children and families going in some of the most challenging times we have known. Please keep in touch and you know where we are if you need us: gmpathwaystotalking@salford.gov.uk

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