Early Intervention Foundation blog: ‘Off the merry-go-round’

As we have been writing up the initial report for the GMPTT project, its been interesting to look at the work of the Early Intervention Foundation in terms of how evaluation is being used to influence future policy making and how they are putting forward the case for longer term investment.

Here’s an interesting report published in October 2018 https://www.eif.org.uk/report/realising-the-potential-of-early-intervention

In my research, I also came across this interesting and very relevant Blog Post from the EIF Chief Executive, Dr Jo Casebourne written in March 2020 who reflects on the latest round of cabinet changes, and asks whether the conditions might now be in place for ministers to take a longer-term view of the complex challenges facing children and families. Here is a link to the Blog: https://www.eif.org.uk/blog/off-the-merry-go-round-a-long-term-cabinet-for-a-long-term-government

The GMPTT report which summarises the activity and outcomes of the GM project so far is in the final stages of drafting and proof reading. This recognises that much of the work at locality level is ongoing and will be added as an annex to this report later in 2020. Watch this space – we will publish as soon as we can!

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