Celebrating International Women’s Day

Its always inspiring to hear stories from around the world of how women are empowering each other and being advocates for strong female leadership.

This week we saw this in practice yet again in our GM Pathways to Talking Leadership Coaching session. We happen to be an female group of leaders and as always I came away, as I’m sure many other did, feeling inspired and proud to be part of this leadership group. It’s been such an exciting and impactful part of the GM EOF project with inspirational leadership from Deborah.

So even more exciting to hear an interview on Community Radio between Dr Martina Street and Dr Julie Marshall, two colleagues involved in the GM PTT project. Martina is talking to Julie about the work she is doing in her role as a Reader in Communication, Disability and Development with Manchester Metropolitan University. Please follow the link below to listen to the interview – you won’t be disappointed (plus some great music chosen by Martina!) https://www.mixcloud.com/DrMartina/its-not-rocket-science-episode-1/

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