GMPTT workshop

Becky, Deborah and I delivered a workshop yesterday at the LGA Early Years Conference in Manchester – it was the 3rd event with a focus on the Early Years Speech, Language and Communication Peer Reviews which LGA provides for Local Authorities in England.

It was good to hear about the number of peer reviews that have been completed and plans for further reviews over the spring and summer and great to have such a focus on SLC from LGA and other key speakers, including the Early Intervention Foundation and the Department for Education.

An update from the DfE on the Professional Development Programme

We were delighted to be able to share some of the learning from our GM PTT Early Outcomes Fund project and we shared 4 case studies that hopefully demonstrate the learning from our GM project so far and where we think the pathway is having the most impact.

Becky shared the learning from the Salford pilot for the 18 month assessment which includes a WellComm assessment and talked about the opportunity this provides for early identification and intervention for children with SLC needs (SLCN). We talked about how other areas are trialling this 18 month assessment and how this fits within the GM Communication and Language pathway and with the GMPTT project.

Becky also spoke about the work that is being done through the GMPTT project on the digitisation of WellComm assessment as part of the wider Early Years digitisation programme and the proposed pilot of stages 6-8 in salford. We hope to have an update on this for all the project leads at the next project implementation group meeting. There was lots of interest from other areas in both the 18 month assessment and the WellComm digitisation project and Becky responded to lots of questions from the

Deborah shared some of the learning and success of the leadership coaching that she has been developing with project leads and also talked about the Deep Dive evaluation planned with Manchester.

It was great to us to also hear from ‘Talk Halton’ about the successful implementation of their EOF project and the impact this is having.

Was good as always to share the work we are doing in GM with other areas and to hear about exciting projects happening in other areas. So abig thanks to LGA and the DfE for inviting us to the conference.

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