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We had another great project implementation meeting last week – learning from each other and listening to some exciting developments which will add to the learning from GM Pathways to Talking project. As promised here a some links to items that were discussed or referenced during the session.

Michelle shared the final version of the ‘GM 10’, which are 10 key messages which have been identified in partnership with GM Pathways to Talking project leads, Speech and Language Therapy Leads and developed in consultation with GM families. Michelle talked about the plans to launch these across GM and how these will be aligned to the BBC’s Tiny Happy People resources. For colleagues with access to the GM Pathways to Talking Huddle Document sharing site, a copy of the GM 10 is in the resources section.

Michelle has put out a request today for localities to support with collecting video clips to support the GM 10 messages and as soon as we have the final version we will put a link on this project blog.

Deborah talked to us about the leadership coaching and we thought about how we want some of the learning recording within the final report. She also shared some research from a project she has been working on with colleagues in Sussex and one of these colleagues recently wrote a blog referring to silence which links with some of our work in the leadership coaching.
Kirby, P. (2019) Blog: Silence in the bleak mid winter, TRANSFORM-IN EDUCATION, December 2019.

We also had a presentation from Chris Dabbs, Chief Executive of Unlimited Potential, which is a social enterprise organisation. Chris talked about the ‘Dadly Does It’ project which builds on an exploratory project in Little Hulton in Salford, whose aim was to find new ways to improve the wellbeing of disadvantaged fathers and to understand whether this can improve the wellbeing of their children. Here is a link to the website for further information:

And a final few links to other recently published resources which are relevant to our GM Pathways to Talking project:

Study of Early Education and Development (SEED): Impact Study on Early Education Use and Child Outcomes up to age five years
Research report, February 2020:

Nursery world has a feature on the latest DfE recommended apps for parents to use to help pre-school children learn at home:

Lots of reading and some interesting developments – hope you find these useful. Looking forward to seeing all our GMPTT colleagues at the next project implementation meeting on 18th March (Worsley Court House)

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