A creative record for our project

When we held our first project leadership meeting back in April 2019 with colleagues from the DfE EOF programme, we discussed the possibility of our evaluation report including a creative record of the GM Pathways to Talking Project. This would also provide a longer term legacy and celebration of the GM project.

So we were all very excited last week to meet Ruth White, researcher and photographer who shared her work on Photo Zines with us and with Deborah, helped us as a project group to think about how Ruth could support us with the GMPTT project evaluation.

The feedback from the session with Ruth was outstanding and colleagues shared their feelings of being inspired by the use of real life images and how we can use these with families and communities. Colleagues particularly liked Ruth’s use of images of families living up North, showing local people in their own settings/environment.

Colleagues talked about the power of Ruth’s photographs and how ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’. We all feel excited about working with Ruth to capture the learning and key messages from our GM Pathways to Talking project.

Many colleagues were keen to share Ruth’s work with other colleagues and Ruth has given permission to share the above photograph and a link to her website where all her work can be seen:


Exciting times ahead – we can’t wait to see this aspect of the project develop.

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