A visit to Sheffield – Sharing best practice with the South Yorkshire Early Outcomes Project

Last week we spent a productive afternoon with colleagues in South Yorkshire and came away feeling excited about the work they are doing as part of their Early Outcomes Project and how we can share this learning in GM.

Since the early days of meeting up with the other EOF project leads in 2019, we were particularly interested in the work of the South Yorkshire Futures Regional Group which brings together representatives from the four local authorities in South Yorkshire, led by Sheffield Hallam University with the aim of sharing expertise. Their EOF project includes 3 key deliverables:

1. Developing a South Yorkshire Speech, Language and Communication Skills Strategy, delivered through a sustainable ‘Train the Trainers’ model.

2. Developing a South Yorkshire SLC Strategy.

3. Developing Regional Strategic Governance and Sustainability.

For further details of the South Yorkshire Futures Early Years Programme please follow this link: https://southyorkshirefutures.co.uk/syf/preparation/

It was so helpful to hear about the approach the South Yorkshire project has taken to understanding the current strengths and challenges for the early years workforce and their approach to resolving any regional skills gaps. We were very interested in the bespoke data collection tool that was developed and the outcomes of the self assessments and subsequent South Yorkshire SLC skills framework they have developed.

This is also a priority area for the GM Pathways to Talking Project and we are excited to see how we can continue to learn from South Yorkshire and further develop the partnership working between the two EOF projects.

We will share more details at our next GMPathways to Talking implementation group in February 2020 and look forward to developing our GM approach with the GMPPT project leads.

Thankyou to all the South Yorkshire colleagues we met last week – a very useful afternoon spent in Sheffield (but a terrible train journey home!)

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