Sharing good practice in Birmingham!

It’s always good to get out and about and hear about other Communication and Language projects with a strong early years focus.

A number of GM colleagues attended the National Literacy Trust’s annual Talk to your Baby conference in Birmingham last week and we heard about about some of the latest research studies that focus on early years language development.

It was great to hear Judith Park (Head of HLE at the NLT) talk about Small Talk, the National Literacy Trust’s HLE initiative and highlight the importance of the Chat, Play and Read theme.

Follow the link to find our more about this and to see the available resources.

Also interesting to hear Michelle Peter (University of Liverpool and LuCID) talking about her research into children’s early language processing speed and how this links with vocabulary growth. Michelle talked about the work of LuCID and suggested taking a look at further resources available on their website. Here are links to the Liverpool Language Lab (which is part of the ESRC International Centre for Language and Communication Development (LuCID) ) and LuCID’s website where you will find some interesting articles:

There were a number of speakers and not enough space here to share them all. Always good to hear about the latest research and to be able to reflect on how this translates into practice. And of course always good to meet up with colleagues from other areas and to share ideas and learning.

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