Does Birth to Three Matters still matter?

Manchester Metropolitan University is providing a one day seminar on 29th February 2020 on the education and care of children in their earliest years.

** For further information and to book a place please contact

This conference will bring policy makers, practitioners and researchers together to ask whether national policy and curriculum frameworks are meeting the needs of our youngest children. We take as our starting point Birth to Three Matters, the pioneering national framework that transformed education and care in the earliest years. Is its holistic and positive vision for early childhood education and care still relevant? What was missing? What are the alternatives?

Further details of the seminar and details of how to book are included in the attached flyer:


3 thoughts on “Does Birth to Three Matters still matter?

  1. Hi
    Do you have any further details regarding the cost and booking arrangements for this one day seminar. I am keen to share this with LA colleagues.
    many thanks
    Helen Grimsditch (Stockport)


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