Looking forward to the leadership coaching sessions….

The dates are now booked in for the GMPTT leadership coaching sessions and diary invites have been sent out. The first session is on 9th October with all locality project leads invited to a morning or afternoon session, so if you’re wondering what to expect, here’s an introduction from Professor Deborah James, from Manchester Metropolitan University who is leading these sessions.

The leadership coaching for the Pathways to Talking project demonstrates GMCA’s commitment to relationship-based working. Our focus will be to expand consciousness of the so-called ‘soft-skills’ such as:  listening and acting on what others’ say, talking in ways that help others’ listen and building alliances between people whose perspectives differ.

An overarching aim is to create a sense of shared purpose for the Early Years Delivery Model and it’s pathways within the communities where the model is meant to open and create opportunity for all. My belief is that implementing and scaling up the Speech, Language and Communication pathway relies on these soft-skills – so the leadership coaching sessions will focus on them.

So, in the coaching sessions we will work together, using strengths-based principles, to expand knowledge of ourselves, our teams and the communities in which we work. We will use real examples from your leadership practices on the project and work with personal goals for change as well as your locality implementation plan objectives, to expand understanding of the relational bases of leadership.   I suppose the leadership coaching underlines the value that we are placing in relationships  – as we see them as the foundation for the development of the soft-skills that, as the King’s Fund shows, play an important contribution to systems change.

Sessions will be interactive and we will continue to work with the parallel processes that we all know supports change in our work with families (strengths-based, non-judgemental, learning together). We’ll use video feedback to create space for detailed contemplation of your strengths.

In similar, prior work, participants have valued the open, safe, honest space to reflect and thinks deeply about themselves and their working lives.
I am looking forward to working with you.

Deborah James

If you’re a locality project lead and haven’t had an invitation yet or not sure which group you are in, please contact us at GMPathwaystoTalking@salford.gov.uk

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