Loving the project group meetings…

Thank-you to everyone who attended this week’s project implementation meeting at Worsley Court House in Salford. I always come away from these meetings feeling motivated and excited by the commitment and enthusiasm from all our project leads and the energy this creates in the room. What a great team!!

It’s now almost 6 months since we launched the GM EOF project and it feels like there’s lots of exciting developments both at locality level and within GMCA.

It was great to see the work Huw has been doing to interrogate this year’s provisional EYFS data in more detail and to be able to focus on data at ward level. His enthusiasm is infectious and exciting that he’s gone away to do some work to support us all in benchmarking locality data with other wards across GM. Huw we cant wait to have you back at a future meeting!

The presentation by Jon who is working with Lisa on the GM digital programme was great. After talking about this for so long at GM level, its so exciting to see a digital solution in development for the collection of early years assessment data with pilots about to start in some localities. So many of you have data collection as one of your priority areas and I know how reassuring it is to know this is being driven by the GM digital team. We have agreed to have a focus on WellComm data collection at the next project implementation group meeting on 16th October and look forward to continuing to work closely with colleagues from this team. We will also invite all the EY and SLT leads to this part of the meeting – its a hot topic for everyone!

So good that Stacie then shared her updates on the BBC Tiny, Happy, People campaign and how exciting for GM to be such a strategic partner in this work. Parental engagement and supporting parents in helping their child’s communication and language development is another priority for many GM localities and this provides a perfect addition for many areas. Stacie showed us some of the most recent film clips and talked about the soft launch in GM on 16th October, ahead of the national launch in February 2020. I know we are all looking forward to receiving the resources to promote the THP website with local families and practitioners as part of the GM soft launch in October. We will post more details on the blog as we receive this so watch this space……

Finally, last but not least, Rebecca shared the resources developed as part of Essential Parent and many of us got very excited about the possibilities to work with Rebecca to use the existing child and family resources and to develop some film clips to support the use of WellComm with the early years workforce. Another box ticked for many locality project leads and the beginning of some exciting partnership working with GMPTT project leads. We will update on this at the next meeting.

After hearing about all the exciting work at GM level, it was a perfect end to the day to hear locality leads sharing their local priorities and to see the peer support partnerships developing within the group. Also really good to hear Michelle talk about the GM 10 key messages for SLC that SLT colleagues have helped to collate and how we can use these to drive this project and leave a legacy for the future. Exciting times ahead!!

Copies of all the presentation above are on the Huddle which can be accessed by all GM project team members. Looking forward to seeing you all at the next project implementation group session on 16th October.

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