Locality Implementation Planning

It was good to meet last week with all the GM Pathways to Talking Project Leads and to focus on the successes, challenges and the opportunities to use EOF funding to work on GM and locality priorities. Thank-you to everyone for your contributions and for the emails and positive feedback received from many of you afterwards. Elizabeth has emailed out a feedback survey to help us evaluate the session and to plan the next one so please can you all complete this and send back.

We briefly revisited the Theory of Change approach to planning for systems/behaviour change and everyone had a go at planning for at least one of your locality priorities and know that some of the project leads would like to spend more time on this with some support from other colleagues and/or members of the project team.

One of the things that came out of last weeks session was the need to provide a flexible offer of support and a deadline for completion of locality implementation plans.

So here’s a couple of dates for the diary:

Implementation plans to be completed and uploaded to the huddle by 30th September.

Quarterly updates to be completed by the end of December 2019 ; 31st of March 2020 and a final update by 30th June 2020.

We have also put in an optional session on 4th September to support with Theory of Change and Implementation planning. We know that some localities have done a lot of work locally on implementation planning and do not need further support with this and are happy to develop implementation plans in their locality and to share and finalise these with the project team via email, whilst other colleagues would value further support with this. A room has been booked at MMU from 9.30- 3.30pm.

The morning session will focus on using the Theory of Change model and a model for implementation planning – 3 places are available for each locality for Project Leads to attend with other relevant colleagues from their local area. The afternoon session will provide the space and time for locality colleagues to develop their locality plans with support if required from members of the project team.

Further details and a diary invitation will be sent out this week. It’s a short turn around as we know that colleagues are keen to move on with implementation and to get their plans in place as soon as possible. If you’ve any queries in the meantime please contact the project team at GMPathwaystoTalking@salford.gov.uk

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