Sharing the latest research: How can our responses to babies’ gestures help with their language development?

I follow Michelle Morris on Twitter and always interested to see what she’s tweeting about in the world of speech, language and communication. I know she has lots of followers so you may have already seen this but if not I thought it was worth sharing on this Blog. (If you don’t already follow Michelle you might want to – please see her twitter username below).

This week, Michelle highlighted an Evidence Briefing by LuCiD which is the ESRC International Centre for Language and Communication Development, with child study centres in Liverpool, Manchester and Lancaster. Here’s a link if you want to find out more about LuCiD’s work:

The evidence briefing talks about infants use gestures as a way of communicating their interests before they can speak and how caregivers’ responses can lead to a fluent ‘back and forth’ exchange, helping children to make associations between objects of interest and words. This paper also talks about the links between frequency of pointing gestures and later language milestones. As Michelle suggests, please go to the LuCiD website to find out more. Follow this link to read the evidence briefing

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