A focus on behaviour change

Behaviour change appears to be a hot topic at the moment and something that I keep reading about. It’s the focus for the EOF programme and also in the recently launched DfE campaign to improve the Home Learning Environment. I revisited the DfE report published in November 2018 which talks about the importance of behaviour change if we are to improve Communication and Language, and Literacy outcomes by 2028.


The report proposes a behaviour change approach that all organisations operating in the early years space can use to inform their activities, ensure all the messages being delivered to families are consistent and evidence based.

Here is the model they have developed (on page 5 in the report)

As part of the EOF application process, applicants had to submit their own theory of change to demonstrate the focus for their local proposals. This wasn’t something we had done as part of the SLC pathway development and was an interesting and helpful process for the bid team. We used a format suggested by Nesta. This is also a focus on the system/behaviour change that is required to enable increased scale and pace of the GM Speech, Language and Communication Pathway:

We are going to do some further work with locality project leads on the theory of change to help drive behaviour change at a local level so if you are one of the GM Pathways to Talking Locality Project Leads look out for the workshop on 20th August. Should be a good session!

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