Starting to think of GM priorities

At the launch event (almost 2 weeks ago) it was interesting to hear some of the words colleagues shared to describe the leadership qualities needed for the multi-agency work that you are all leading at locality and GM level.

Words such as persistence, resilience, trust, respect, patience, tolerance were used frequently to describe the qualities and behaviours we all need for our work with partners and teams. Another key word was relationships and a discussion around the importance of relationships which in many cases have built up with multi-agency partners and colleagues over a number of years.

Looking forward to further work with colleagues around leadership evaluation and coaching being led by Deborah James in the next few months. Exciting times ahead……

Sharing leadership qualities at the GM Pathways to Talking launch event at MMU.

We also asked colleagues (ahead of the locality stocktakes) to think about what the GM wide SLC pathway implementation priorities may be. We asked everyone to think about their Top 3 and here is a collated list of some of the emerging themes:

  • Increased focus of SLC pathway in the antenatal period
  • Quality assurance of delivery of evidence based interventions
  • Accreditation for EY settings and schools (Linked to SLC pathway implementation)
  • Data collections and evaluation (and data sharing between all partners)
  • Workforce development strategy (linked to the proposed EY workforce academy)
  • Improving the quality of adult:child interactions and knowledge of Child Development across the EY workforce
  • Use of WellComm across the multi-agency EY workforce
  • WellComm as a universal or targeted assessment/intervention?
  • Improving the quality of the Home Learning Environment
  • Developing and sharing case studies across the Combined Authority.

It will be interesting to revisit these, following the stocktake evaluations and discussions with each locality during July and August and see if these remain as GM wide and locality implementation priorities.

We are looking forward to the locality visits and to finding out more about locality successes, challenges and opportunities that the EOF will bring. Hoping to encourage more of you to contribute to this blog and share your successes with all our followers 🙂

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