Case study: Salford’s use of the WellComm Language Toolkit

It’s always interesting to hear about transformation programmes and how local areas are doing things differently.

As part of their transformation of 0-25s services, Salford Royal’s Speech and Language Therapists have teamed up with the council’s Starting Life Well service to introduce a new way of working to help three year olds in funded places to achieve their potential.

Salford colleagues are using WellComm as a simple and effective way to identify a child’s language skills, providing a systematic approach to identify children at risk of a language delay. WellComm training and cluster support meetings are developing practitioners’ skills, knowledge and confidence in identifying and supporting children’s speech, language and communication needs.

This started with a school based pilot with clusters of schools in the Irlam and Cadishead where an Elklan trained teaching assistant worked with the community speech and language therapist in 6 schools and with Irlam and Cadishead college.

The pilot ran in Summer 2018 with data suggesting a positive impact on children’s listening and attention, understanding, speaking and development and service leaders are now taking this into account in designing future ways of working in Salford.

The WellComm training has now been provided for all Salford’s early years settings and a rollout to childminders is now underway. Data from over 4000 WellComm assessments has now been collected in Salford.

Watch the short film below to find out more about some of the amazing work that has been taking place:

Thank you Salford for sharing this case study. If any other areas would like to share exciting work in their locality please contact me via this blog or by email at GMPathwaystoTalking@

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